Three Staples?

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I'm Jinnie and this is where I document and share my love of stationery. The name Three Staples comes from Field Notes memo books, which are always bound by three staples. Way better than two staples, if you ask me. I especially like Field Notes with colored staples, placed perfectly centered down the spine.

My plan isn’t to talk only about Field Notes. Despite what you might guess, I have a life outside of Field Notes! …I think. I like using Kakuno fountain pens, brown gel pens, sticky notes, rubber stamps, and washi masking tapes.

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PS: All Field Notes in my collection were bought with my own money, with a few exceptions from friends/family. I have no affiliation with Field Notes.


A lot of the information here on Field Notes Brand memo books are sourced from their official site, blog posts, and videos. If you see anything that you know to be incorrect or inaccurate, Field Notes or not, please do let me know by leaving comments, so I can fix it. 

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