Field Notes by Theme

I organized Field Notes into little(?) groups by theme. Want to see all the Spring editions? Editions with gold staples? Go here to nerd out.

Field Notes Item Numbers

Go here for lists of various Field Notes goodies by their item numbers. I update them whenever I can.


Official Field Notes Links

Field Notes Fans


Places to shop for Field Notes

These are online places I've purchased Field Notes from and would shop again. Based in US:

These are brick-and-mortar shops where I spotted Field Notes COLORS. I recommend you call before you visit:

Of course there are many other places, online and B&M, where you can find Field Notes. I've only listed places I've had experience with. For a bigger selection, please go to Field Notes' list of retailers here. For more Japan locations, go here.

Collecting Field Notes

It ain't easy! Or cheap. Or quick.

Many of the branded Field Notes in my collection were bought on eBay. I wish that weren't the case.

Some helpful links: