Housekeeping #20150113 and Thank you

Hello! I'd like to list a couple of changes I've made here. You may not have noticed them if you subscribe via RSS.

  • I updated my Field Notes ranking and added some new images to my FN collection gallery. Go here to check them out! I change my ranking all the time, actually.
  • I made a page called Field Notes in Groups, where I arrange various Field Notes editions into little groups, mostly for fun and for my own reference. This idea was one of the reasons why I made Three Staples, so I finally made it public. But I'm still not sure where it should be placed on the site! For now, the link to the page can be found from the main page, Three Staples. You can also access it from the blog sidebar. I can place it in the main menu but I really don't want a big menu. I also need a better title for the page than just Field Notes in Groups. Woo, so exciting, you know? If you have cleverer, shorter title for it, let me know!

Recently, I was linked by Josh Ginter of The Newsprint (here). I'm super flattered! Thank you. If you are visiting from his site, welcome to my little corner of the internet! Things were kinda hectic for me last year, so I didn't blog as much as I wanted to but hopefully this year will be better and you'll see more Field Notes goodness from me.

More linkage I'd like to thank:

This community rocks.