Jinnie's Ranking of Field Notes Quarterly Editions

Subject to change whenever. Updated August 10, 2017.

This is my ranking of all the Field Notes quarterly editions I have (with a few exceptions), in order of awesomeness. There are many others rankings like this out there, but this one is mine. Each edition below links to my journal entry on that edition; I will add links as I write more.

  1. Night Sky (Summer 2013)
  2. Balsam Fir (Winter 2010)
  3. National Crop (Spring 2012)
  4. Raven’s Wing (Fall 2010)
  5. Day Game (Summer 2012)
  6. Grass Stain Green (Summer 2009)
  7. Shenandoah (Fall 2015)
  8. Just Below Zero (Winter 2009)
  9. Packet of Sunshine (Spring 2010)
  10. America The Beautiful (Spring 2013)
  11. Mackinaw Autumn (Fall 2009)
  12. Northerly (Winter 2011)
  13. Ambition (Winter 2014)
  14. County Fair (Summer 2010)
  15. Shelterwood (Spring 2014)
  16. Fire Spotter (Fall 2011)
  17. Two Rivers (Spring 2015)
  18. Traveling Salesman (Fall 2012)
  19. Dry Transfer (Spring 2011)
  20. Cold Horizon (Winter 2013)
  21. Drink Local (Fall 2013)
  22. American Tradesman (Summer 2011)
  23. Unexposed (Fall 2014)
  24. Campfire (Summer 2017)
  25. Snowblind (Winter 2015)
  26. Workshop Companion (Summer 2015)
  27. Lunacy (Fall 2016)
  28. Sweet Tooth (Spring 2016)
  29. Black Ice (Winter 2016)
  30. Arts & Sciences (Summer 2014)
  31. Utility (Spring 2017)
  32. Expedition (Winter 2012)

Editions I DO NOT HAVE thus not included above:

  • Butcher Orange (Winter 2008/2009)
  • Butcher Extra Blue (Spring 2009)

Byline won't be included here because reasons.

Ranking idea inspired by Pen Addict.

Want to see FN divided into seasons? Staple colors? Go here for more FN fun by theme. You can see lists of FN item numbers here.

Jinnie’s Field Notes Collection

Updated August 11, 2017

Yes! I use these every day.

I use Field Notes mostly for daily journals, travel journals, and special projects. Here's my post on how I use them.

Things I was never asked but will mention anyway:

  • I use only the right side of the pages most of the time. I sometimes use the left side (in pencil) for additional notes related to whatever I wrote on the right side.
  • My pen of choice with Field Notes is Pentel EnerGel Euro 0.35mm, but lately, I’ve been using fountain pens (Japanese F nibs) more and more.
  • I only fill the “Start Date” and “Completion Date” on the front inside cover. So in the event of misplacement, I am screwed.
  • Unless they’re used as travel journals, my Field Notes don’t get outside much. So they end up looking barely used even when they are used. I don’t necessarily baby them.
  • I have used the ruler on the back inside cover just once. I like to carry around a measuring tape instead.

More coming soon...